Get Back to Your Best Self: Beat PTSD and Depression for Good
Solve PTSD and Depression ,100% covered by your VA Benefits, without out-of-pocket costs. 

It's Time to Find Your Best You Again
Find Which Ketamine Therapy Works for You

What is Ketamine?
Since the 1970s, Ketamine has been used as an anesthesia. Only recently has it been promoted as an alternative treatment for depression, many times with an often immediate impact on a patients symptoms.
Does Ketamine Work?
The FDA approved Ketamine for uses in depression treatment in 2019, and this approval was the first new medication for major depression in decades. It's been called "The Most Important Advancement" in years.
Fastest Acting Anti-depressant
With Ketamine IV infusions or Spravto Nasal Spray, many patients see need immediate benefits in their mindset, anxiety, and depression.


Many people feel much better after getting our ketamine treatments. Over 70% say it really helps with their sadness. If you're a Veteran dealing with hard times, we can help you too. And the best part? It's fully covered by your VA benefits.

Fastest Acting Antidepressant

After just one treatment, many people start feeling better fast. If you're a Veteran and you're struggling, this could be a game changer for you.

Psychedelic Effects

Our use of Psychedelic therapy helps you think in a new way. It can help you shake off the heavy feelings of sadness and worry.

Flexible Treatments

We offer different ways to get your treatment. You can choose from a nasal spray, a shot, or even a pill. All of these are safe and okayed by the experts. If you're a Veteran, you don't have to worry about the cost. Your VA benefits got it covered. 
Explore Ketamine for Veterans
Harvard Medical School says "Ketamine has been called the greatest breakthrough in Depression Treatment in 50 years."
Overview of How Ketamine Can Help PTSD
Ketamine gets to work fast, helping you turn the tide on those heavy feelings that can weigh down your day. We know life after service isn't easy and the battles don't just stop. This treatment could be your new ally in the fight against anxiety and depression.
Understand How Ketamine Helps PTSD 
Tired of meds that don't work and leave you feeling stuck? We get it. You've been through enough, and it's time for real change. Our treatment can help you feel better from depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and pain. No more guessing or waiting—just a clear plan to get you the relief you deserve.
Options For Treatment

FDA Approved Spravato

IV Ketamine

Intramuscular Ketamine Shots

Ketamine Assistant Psychotherapy

At-Home Ketamine Treatments

Fix Your PTSD and Depression without any out-of-pocket costs
Ketamine is the only new FDA approved Approach To Treating Depression, Anxiety & Chronic Pain in the last 50 years

High Rate of Success

Ketamine Therapy has shown and extreme high rate of success amongst qualifying patients

High Rate of Success

Ketamine Therapy has shown and extreme high rate of success amongst qualifying patients

Immediate Results

Ketamine has been shown to present near immediate relief even after your first treatment

Immediate Results

Ketamine has been shown to present near immediate relief even after your first treatment

Meet the Doctor Interactively

Take the time to meet Dr. DuBose in our interactive assessment and also learn which pathway is right for you.

Safe and Secure

Our Medical team works with you to have the most safe and transformative Ketamine experience
Patients using Ketamine Treatment continue to see dramatic improvements
Depression gets to the point where it's all consuming and you can't control it. Ketamine was almost like a spiritual experience for me. It accelerated the ability to pull me out of this hole. Dr. DuBose saved my life. He saved my marriage.

Roy S.

My mental state was not very good, not wanting to do the normal everyday things, finding purpose in life. I was an outpatient for about a month and that's when I started calling Dr. DuBose. I've never felt the way those treatments made me feel. It was awesome! It did not take very long before I realized I was wanting to do things and there is nothing like it, to be the person you want to be. It's a gift! 

Melanie W.
"Ketamine provides rapid and transformative change in your mental state to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety"
Dr. Don DuBose

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